Individual freedom is more available in the area West Of the Winds (WOW) than in many places in the United States. As 100% of all governments in history have always done, local government grows every year in size and in the amount they rule their subjects. As of 2021 however, much of the ruling class remains “connected” to the people of the area. There are “professional rulers” that are getting a grip, however, and are supportive of “greater oversight” and “increased revenue channels” and of course some are supporting the religion of “sustainable development.” Sublette County Politics are not headed in a good direction, however they are still pretty reasonable.

So far, most people WOW are not busybody petty tyrants though, and if a kid opens up a lemonade stand without a license on land on which they have not hired a $20,000 environmental impact study to be done, they will likely not be prosecuted. This is in stark contrast to the most totalitarian and oppressive local government region in the state of Wyoming; Teton County.

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