Californians In Wyoming

Californians In Wyoming

by Guest Author

Refugees from other places in the US have been moving to Wyoming in hoards since the Panic & Response of 20/21 began. Californians make up a large share but there are also many people from Chicago, NY, NJ, Austin and other places. These refugees sometimes face skepticism from long-time locals, and the newcomers wonder why. I hope to explain why.

“I don’t have anything against Californians except they come here because they want to escape California ways, and then they work to get those same California ways to happen here.” -Many Locals


California refugees unfairly have become scapegoats for progressive agendas like the religion of sustainability, the great reset and other contemporary collectivist efforts. In truth however, California was simply an early victim location of these policies. Most mainstream Californians intrinsically know how wrong central planning by local, state and national governments is from both a moral and pragmatic perspective, however the vocal minority steal the show. Radical big-government collectivism becomes the norm.

After California, Jackson Hole, Vail, Austin, NY and other locations were next in the wave of collectivism. As refugees flee from worst place to a better place to a better place, they realize that they are racing an avalanche of totalitarian destruction. North Korea is more tyrannical than Australia. Australia is more tyrannical than the bay area of California. The Bay area is more tyrannical than Austin or Jackson Hole. Austin and Jackson Hole are more tyrannical than Fort Worth or Cheyenne. Fort Worth and Cheyenne are more tyrannical than the area West of the Winds.

How to fit in

OK, so you are a refugee who “gets” what is described above. You say, “I don’t want to change anything, I moved here because I love it like it is. As the new kid on the block, I am open to advice on how to best become a good member of my new community.”

Great! Welcome!

  • Do not vote for measures/politicians in support of Planning and Zoning laws or their enforcement.
  • Don’t support local grant efforts to get “our fair share” of federal money stolen through taxes from productive humans.
  • Don’t complain about the “manana” attitude of service providers. If you want service providers who are squared away and communicate well, move to Galt’s Gulch.
  • With the exception of boots, don’t wear anything that cost you more than $200 per piece to buy.
  • Carry a tow strap, jumper cables and a gun in your vehicle.
  • Be honest, helpful and create value of some sort.
  • Don’t try to change the way things are around here.

If, on the other hand, if you do want the area West of the Winds to become similar to the Socialist Republics of North Korea, Jackson Hole, Australia, California, Chicago etc –

  • Wear an expensive brand new cowboy hat with the headband buckle set on the right side, especially in front of people who have actually ridden a horse without someone else leading it.
  • Push the local ruling class to adopt strict planning and zoning laws and to enforce them.
  • Support A-2030 stuff like bike paths, limits on house size and the number of homes per lot, electric pump stations for Teslas, government wind power, government solar power plants, 5th lanes, LEED approved architecture etc.
  • Do NOT read Behind the Green Mask by Rosa Koire.
  • Be as rude to restaurant staff, sales clerks and other normal people as is typical in NY & the bay area.
  • Assume that if the rugged individuals in this area don’t like the drooling old dude in the government’s white house; they “must be” republicans. (Most locals have to hold their nose to support the “Republican” branch of progressive politics, both at the state and federal levels)
  • Men; please wear skinny jeans or at least jeans with bling sewn on the back pockets.

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Californians In Wyoming