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Daniel Wyoming Home for Sale FSBO

    Home for sale in Daniel Wyoming

    Own your own home within 60 minutes of Jackson Hole for $319k OBO! 

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    We have a Daniel Wyoming home for sale in Green River Ranches, a subdivision about 9 miles on the Jackson side of Daniel Junction.

    Daniel Wyoming home for sale by owner

    Green River Ranches (GRR) Subdivision

    The downside is also the upside. The downside is that there are some junky-looking mobile homes and other residences with junk in the yards in the neighborhood. The upside is that your neighbors and the HOA are not “in your business.” If you enjoy strict HOA rules and are “a Karen” you will hate it in GRR. The county regulations are also some of the most lax in the country, so if you are sick of being bugged by your HOA president for having grass that is too long, or for having your RV parked in your driveway for more than 36 hours – you just might love this subdivision. Our neighbors in GRR are awesome, please do NOT move here and try to “change things.”

    The views & location

    Oh my gosh, the views! The Wind River Mountain Range is front and center, and the Gros Ventre Range is the North/East. To the West are beautiful sunsets, and to the North, via trails on public land accessible by homeowners, is a fun ATV ride to the banks of the Green River. The following pictures were taken from your property.

    Home for sale near jackson hole

    Work from Home in Wyoming

    Home for sale in Daniel Wyoming

    Let’s look inside, shall we? We shall!

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    House for sale near Pinedale, FSBO, Daniel Wyoming Real estate


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    About Daniel WyomingDaniel, Wyoming photo credit Tyler Walton

    Many people move to the area West of the Winds and after spending less that a year, decide it isn’t right for them. Winters are cold in Windoming, and did we mention, the wind blows a bunch. The WestoftheWinds.com site has more details about the area, if you are not already living nearby, for the sake of neighborhood turnover and your own happiness, we encourage you to really consider whether or not you “have what it takes” to live in the high desert. It is gorgeous and your neighbors are incredible, we absolutely love it and are moving to a different nearby home where we plan to stay until we are blue-hairs and our daughter warehouses us in a home.

    Your Daniel Wyoming Home for Sale

    Your home was built in 1999 in Arizona on a metal chassis. A cement foundation with footers and stem walls was built on your 2.5 acre lot, and the home placed on it. A video of under the house is here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ChwGgVtf1jyvEtAs9 

    This home has been moved more than once; If you are planning on seeking financing to buy the home, the VA, First Interstate Bank, Farm Bank and 1st Bank offer in-house loans, while some lower-quality lenders decline. We are ready to sell, and have flexibility to move the shipping container to help make pricing work for you. Contact wyolynn at gmail to discuss!

    There is a well with clear, cool natural water, a septic tank that we have not had any problems with, electricity from Rocky Mountain Power, and a rented 1,000 gallon propane tank from All American Propane in the back yard. The central heat furnace is powered by propane, as is the kitchen range and the hot water heater. There is a nice wood pellet stove in the living room as well. The clothes washer & dryer and the dishwasher run on electricity. Our 40+ Mbps internet comes from a nearby LR Communications tower and has been very trustworthy. Pinedale wyoming home for sale with internet

    There is a fence around the entire lot, however we keep the gate open so that we can enjoy antelope on our property. Immediately around the house is another shorter chain link fence. Both of the fences are appropriate for dogs, and if you wanted to build a barn and have horses, goats or cows, the outer fence is ready for them.

    There is a 600 square foot insulated workshop/garage with an electric heater and a wood stove, so if you dream of a man cave, she shed or a place to park your toys and vehicle – you are in luck! Next to the shop is a new 40-foot shipping container that provides another 340 sq ft of storage.

    The 3 lots (each with a mobile home) across the road to the East are owned by a nice retired couple who summers here. They also own the empty lot bordering our South side. They are purchasing property around their main home to prevent junky properties from popping up.

    • Re-roofed in 2021 with a brand new metal roof for snow-sliding ease
    • Gorgeous character log beam installed 2021
    • Insulation and wood stove added to huge workshop in 2021
    • New shipping container placed on property in 2021 for storing your Christmas décor and grandpa’s pictures
    • 2.5 Acres, with grassy interior dog fence and perimeter fence
    • Antelope corridor, with private viewing from your office windows
    • Partially furnished and move-in ready for your family or employees
    • Washer & dryer in closet off of dining room/kitchen
    • Quiet subdivision with an HOA who won’t get in your business, great neighbors, and a laid-back lifestyle

    This Daniel, Wyoming Home for Sale is in Green River Ranches Subdivision.  The home is partially furnished as well, could be completely furnished if negotiated. We will need to keep use of the storage container and a portion of the shop until November.

    This Daniel Wyoming Home for Sale would be perfect for:

    • Jackson Hole Employee Housing – just 60 minutes to Jackson Hole!
    • Less than 30 minutes to Pinedale Wyoming
    • A nice family ready to escape the crazy rat race, get a goat & chickens, slow down
    • Retirement home – keeping in mind that there IS snow in the winter!

    Some fine print details:

    1. We are not interested in doing any repairs. The house and property is not perfect. If we were interested in spending time, money and energy making things more perfect, we would not be selling it for the discounted price! 🙂 We encourage you to have it inspected, however we are NOT interested in doing ANYTHING.
    2. The water table is high, and in the spring and summer, we keep some sump pumps on a timer to keep water pumped out of the crawl space. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ChwGgVtf1jyvEtAs9  The issue is not a structural issue.

    Contact Lynn at wyolynn at her gmail address


    Contact wyolynn at gmail for more information!