Daniel-Wyoming-Fire-Department Fundraiser

Windshield Repair Fundraiser – Daniel / Bondurant Wyoming

Do you have a rock chip in your windshield?

Do you want to support your local fire fighters?

Let’s do both at the same time! Windshield Repair Fundraiser – Sublette Wyoming

October 23, 2021 – From noon until 2pm


Rim Station Parking Lot

(Weather permitting)

Windshield Repair Fundraiser – Daniel / Bondurant Wyoming

Windshield Repair Fundraiser - Daniel Bondurant Wyoming, shepard humphries
Shepard “Doc” Humphries

Back in 2006 I bought the Windshield Doctor from Ken Marincic and ran it for about five years in Teton County before selling the business. I don’t have any desire to do windshield repair for a living anymore, but I still have the repair tools and would like to help raise some money for our local fire department volunteers. I am donating my time, the tools, resin etc – 100% of what you donate goes to the Sublette County Unified Fire – Volunteer Support Fund.

A $50 donation for the first chip and $10 for each additional chip on the same windshield sounds fair to me, of course if you want to donate more, that would be lovely. Please write your check to:  SCUF – VSF

100% of what you donate will go to the fire department’s SCUF – VSF account in this Windshield Repair Fundraiser – Daniel Bondurant Wyoming 

  • First come – first serve – I will start my last windshield at 2pm so that I will be finished by 2:45pm.
  • Each chip repair generally takes between 15 minutes and 45 minutes
  • No cracks, just stars, bullseyes etc…
  • Nope, I am not going to run any paperwork through insurance companies – I will happily give you a receipt that says I repaired your windshield and that you donated $??? to the fire department, some non-bureaucratic smaller insurance agencies might reimburse you or match your donation, but that will be for you to work out with them. 🙂

“I believe that all human interactions should be voluntary, and our local unpaid volunteer firefighters are a wonderful example of this philosophy, thanks ya’ll!” -Shepard Humphries

Brent will be cooking his famous burgers and will donate $5 to

the fire department for every burger ya’ll buy!


By the way, have you considered joining the volunteer fire department?  The Sublette County Fire Department is successful because people volunteer to help when their neighbors are having an emergency. This is what makes our neighborhoods strong and it is what makes our fire department so great to be part of.  There are many financial and non-financial benefits for being a volunteer firefighter, but the most important one is that we get to be part of the solution when our neighbors need help.

The application is available online for anyone who may be interested: https://www.sublettewyo.com/401/Firefighter-Application or 307-367-4550 for more information.

*Windshield Repair Fundraiser – Daniel Bondurant Wyoming

Fine print:

The fire department has separate account established specifically to receive donations and to purchase items for the volunteer firefighters.  This account is titled the Sublette County Unified Fire – Volunteer Support Fund.  The account was established to purchase things that cannot be purchased through the County’s budgetary purchasing process.  For example, funding social events like the annual awards banquet and firefighter’s picnic, and purchasing fire apparel like t-shirts and sweatshirts.  Because these types of purchases are specifically for the benefit of volunteer firefighters and not all County employees, these types of purchases must be made from donations received from the public.

I asked, but unfortunately, it is not possible to donate specifically to the Battalion #5 in Daniel or Battalion #3 in Bondurant.  One of the many benefits of unifying the local fire department was that all our firefighters respond together to emergency incidents within the County.  Many of our volunteer firefighters live in one community and work in another community and respond from different stations.  When any donations are received from the public, the donations go to provide benefits for all the volunteer firefighters in the County, regardless of which station they respond from.  The fire department has found this process to be the preferred way to ensure equal benefits are provided, but also to prevent unhealthy divisions within our organization.

Anyone who writes a check to donate to the SCUF – VSF (Sublette County Unified Fire – Volunteer Support Fund) will receive a receipt for tax purposes. Our fire department is not 501-C4 tax exempt, however we are a government agency.  The IRS Code 26 U.S.C. §170(c)(1), defines tax deductible charitable contributions or gifts to or for public purposes. The IRS Publication 1771, Charitable Contributions–Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements, provides the guidance to receive charitable donations as a government entity:

  • Donors must have a bank record or written communication from a charity for any monetary contribution before the donors can claim a charitable contribution on their federal income tax returns.
  • Donors are responsible for obtaining a written acknowledgment from a charity for any single contribution of $250 or more before the donors can claim a charitable contribution on their federal income tax returns.
  • Charitable organizations are required to provide a written disclosure to a donor who receives goods or services in exchange for a single payment in excess of $75