The Best Restaurants in Sublette County

We are a small rural area. We don’t write bad reviews about our neighbor’s restaurants. Herein we will list the top 20% of restaurants West Of the Winds! These folks are not going to offer the level of service of a Four Seasons restaurant or culinary excellence of Gaijin Omakase where you are from, but these are the bets in the area!

#1 Los Cabos 

Great food with longtime local Mexican owner-operators. We know what you are asking, “Do local Mexicans eat there?” Yes! It isn’t fancy, and they don’t have fish flown in each morning, but we love them and the price is right!


#2 Stockmans

If your lady wants a fancy night out; this is the closest that Pinedale has to offer. I have even seen guys with their pantlegs on the outside of their Mucks here. The food is pretty good, though all restaurants in our region like to go very light on the seasonings, much to the bluehair’s delight. The service is very good, and prices are a bit higher than the food tenderness/flavor and menu creativity might suggest.